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Submit the Expense Reimbursement Form (ERF)

You may use this form for submitting you Expense Reimbursement form along with the receipt(s) to the Treasurer & she will get back to you if she has any questions. 

Upload PDF
Copy of receipts must be attached with the Expense Reimbursement Form.  Below are 2 file type options for attaching the receipts but  PDF format is preferred Do take the time to review your file to be sure that it is easily readable.  
Please do consider using a Scanner App since the
JPG format is often difficult to read.  If you need to make a "photo" using your phone please use an App to make a PDF of you documents.  To find an App, go to your App Store and use Scanner App Free to search for an App such as Adobe Scan or IScanner.  They are easy to use!
If the Treasurer is not able to read
the receipts or form, that could delay your reimbursement!
Upload copy of Receipts (PDF)
Upload copy of receipts

Thanks for submitting! The treasurer will contact you if she has any questions

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