1. I am unable to log on to the Member Only Page. Why?

The Members Only page is for only the members of our chapter.  It is Password protected. Notification of the password is only sent out to the chapter members. Members need to click on the Members only page and then you will see the log on box for the page.   There is a different log on for the purchasing of tickets located on the upper right hand corner. Depending on the settings on your computer it may be autosaving the wrong password with the other log on.  If your computer is able, click to visualize the password to confirm that you are using the correct password.

2. I can’t log on using the Log On box on the upper right of the page. Why?

    The log on box is for individuals to use when purchasing tickets for events.  It is unique to the person and the customers sets up it own log on credentials.  Be sure that you are using your own log on and not the Members Only page password.

3. Why are 2 passwords needed?

    Our website provider requires each person to have their own password when purchasing tickets and the Password protected Member Only page is for the convenience of our members.

4. How do I log off the Members Only page? 

    The Members Only page is Password Protected.  The only way to "log off" is to close your Web Browser and reopen the site again.   We use Wix and this is how they have organized the Password Protected page.

5. Is there a wait list for events online?  

     No, there is no online waitlist, and it is best that you Contact Us & the Event Coordinator will contact you to discuss the options.

6. How can I find out about upcoming events prior to it being on the website?   

    The best way to find out about any new Events is to become a member of  American Sewing Guild San Jose Chapter and join the member only email list.  To join ASG visit www.asg.org and ask to be a member of San Jose Chapter and our membership chair will be following up with you.

7. What  does the sale of event tickets on the website support?

    We are a 501c3 organization.  The funds go to support education, community service projects and other programs of the San Jose Chapter.

8. What is your refund policy?

    Each event has its own refund policy.  Please check your receipt/or tickets for the event that you have purchased your ticket for.  

9.  I purchased my ticket on your website and I received a receipt from Square?

    We use Square for our credit card processing and all payments or refunds will be processed thru Square.

10. I have a Sewing machine &/or other sewing items to donate, how do I contact   your organization?

    Fill out the Donate form on the Donating Page and a member will get back to you to discuss your donation.