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  1. I am unable to log on to the Member Only Page. Why?

For a few months we had a different way of logging into the Members Only page.    As of 8/2022 we changed the method of logging on for our members so that each Chapter Member will have their own individual Sign up, Log in and Log out for accessing the Members Only Page.   The shared password is no more and will not work with the current setting.  

2. I can’t create my sign in using the Log On box on the upper right of the page. Why?

If your are an ASGSJ member please click here for a detailed document on how to create your password for the Members Only page, You can also contact the web management team.

3I signed up to be a member of the site but I cannot log on to the Members only page. Why?

The Members only page is for ASG San Jose Chapter members only and is a separate process that needs to be done First by the website team before you can log on to the Members Only page. Sorry for the inconvenience. When an ASG member changes their email contact with national, the chapter is not directly notified of the change.  It is the responsiblity of the member to also notify the chapters web manager of the change so that the Members only setting can be updated. 

4. What is Zeffy?

    Zeffy is a credit card processing company for NonProfits.  They do not charge credit card fees to the chapter rather they ask for a donation from the purchaser to help cover their cost.  Most credit card processing companies charge about 3% of the purchase. To make a "custom" donation use the drop down arrow and select other to donate what you wish to donate to Zeffy.  To learn more about Zeffy, Please click here to read more.

5. Is there a wait list for events online?  

     No, there is no online waitlist, and it is best that you Contact Us & the Event Coordinator will contact you to discuss the options.

6. How can I find out about upcoming events prior to it being on the website?   

    The best way to find out about any new Events is to become a member of  American Sewing Guild San Jose Chapter and join the member only email list.  To join ASG visit and ask to be a member of San Jose Chapter and our membership chair will be following up with you.

7. What  does the sale of event tickets & sewing machines on the website support?

    We are a 501c3 organization.  The funds go to support education, community service projects and other programs of the San Jose Chapter.

8. What is your refund policy?

    Each event has its own refund policy.  Please check your receipt/or tickets for the event that you have purchased your ticket for.  

9.  I purchased my ticket on your website and I received a receipt from SquareUp?

    We use SquareUp for our credit card processing and all payments or refunds will be processed thru Square.

10.  On my credit card statement I see "SQ San Jose Chapter America".  What is that?  

That is what SquareUp will use to send the information to your financial institution for processing.  If you click on the that will take you to Square website and they will require you to have the receipt number from Square.

11. I have a Sewing machine &/or other sewing items to donate, how do I contact   your organization?

   Visit the  Donating page.

Sewing machines & Sergers. (No machines available online at this time, 9/2022)

  1. How do you obtain sewing machines & sergers?

Our organization is contacted by members and friends that when they have a machine to donate.

2. How do you verify that the machines are in working order?

An ASGSJ member has experience with servicing sewing machines & sergers. She has checked the machines and if she finds a problem we add that information to the listing.

3. Do you offer any other options for the purchase of machines?

We have a Fabric Sale or Fabric Bargain Market where we may have machines available ( it depends on what is donated).  Please check out the page.

3. How often do you add more machines to the website?

There is no time table for when machines are listed, it is up to the “Sewing Goddess” for when we receive donations. 

4. What type of machine do you accept?

Freestanding (portable) sewing machines and sergers. We cannot accept machines in a cabinet due to lack of storage capabilities.  

5. Is there a wait list for updated listing?  

No, there is no waitlist, and it is best that you check back to the site to see if there are any new listings. You can also fill out the email subscription link on the home page to be notified of any new listings.

6. How can I find out about new listings prior to it being on the website?  

The best way to find out about any new listing is to become a member of American Sewing Guild San Jose Chapter and join the member only email list. Often in this list is where we notify members of donated machines which could be a cabinet machine that a member has been notified of. To join ASG visit and ask to be a member of San Jose Chapter.

9. What is your Pick Up process once I have purchased the machine?

The machines are stored at various members’ homes and you will receive a confirmation email after you purchase the machine with a default location. You will receive another email(s) of the location of where you will be picking the machine. This more than likely will be a different email and address from the first confirmation email. We are not able to add additional location on the website for the different pick up locations.  Currently the pick up locations are in San Jose.  

Please note: We do not deliver or ship machines.

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