South Bay Neighborhood Group

  We love to show and tell. Our group has every kind of sewing skill represented, quilting, garment sewing, doll and jewelry making. You name it I bet someone in the group does it. We have all skill levels so come join us you will be welcomed with open arms.

  Most meetings will be on the first Friday of the month, except for the Church’s previously scheduled events. We will let members know when one of those Fridays occurs by email. If you are attending as a nonmember (you can do this for 2 meetings) please text  408-644-5159 to verify the date and room location. 

Please park in the lot behind the church. Cost is $4/member & will be collected when you sign in. Please bring small bills or exact change.

Meeting Location
1550 Meridian Ave. San Jose CA 95125

Contact:  Erin
by Texting Only